Hello and welcome.

My name is Lina Wynn. I am usually based in Melbourne (Australia), where I live with my husband and two children (who are twelve and fourteen years old).

I guess you can say that we used to be a fairly typical middle-class suburban family. Both my husband and I worked full time. Life was a busy juggling act rushing between work, home and child-care, with the occasional holiday to catch our breath.

Our journey began to go down a less conventional path when we started questioning surely there is more to life than being stuck on a perennial treadmill. As we examined what was most important to us, we started simplifying our lives and making different decisions. Cumulatively, these decisions have freed us up and enabled our family to intentionally choose to prioritise activities which were meaningful to us, ranging from getting healthier to taking our children travelling.

Some of the milestones & highlights along the way were:

  • relocating to Hong Kong for two years in 2011;
  • taking a 3 months road-trip around USA in 2013;
  • 1 month trekking trip in Nepal in 2014;
  • 2 months backpacking in South East Asia in Dec 2014/Jan 2015.

In May 2015, I left my family to go to Myanmar to work with disadvantaged communities as a volunteer for 6 months.

I started this blog for self therapy, a place to reflect on my experiences in our still unfolding journey.

You can contact me here.